Our professional team and accountants can set up GST account, export import account, WCB account and more. Alberta corporations. The $50 NUANS fee allows for you to search up to 5 names. By Tom Carter, Lawyer. In addition to the required filing documents, you must pay the appropriate fees. This guide explains in … Series ... 4 Articles of Incorporation 22 5 Notice of Address or Notice of Change of Address 24 6 Notice of Directors or Notice of Change of Directors 25 7 Certificate of Incorporation 27 8 Minutes of Organizational Meeting of First Directors 29 9 By-Law No. Therefore we advise to initially set a minimum number and a maximum number to allow you the flexibility to make changes in your numbers of directors. More information on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of corporation may be found in our general Incorporation article. Restrictions (if any) on Share Transfers: Sometimes a corporation wishes to restrict the sale or transfer of shares for a particular share class, for example only family members are entitled to own shares, or any transfers of shares must be approved by a majority of the directors of the corporation. Class A, Class B, etc) T he incorporation procedure in Alberta is easier than ever. Do it yourself with this guide and forms kit, and save some serious money! Alberta-based NUANS – This search will identify whether the name you have chosen for your business is … A - Articles of Incorporation (Form available here) . These are essentially organizing documents for a corporation. … Share Structure: Share Transfers Restrictions: Number of Directors: Min Number of Directors: Max Number of Directors: Business Restricted To: Business Restricted From: Other Provisions: Articles of Incorporation For PRAIRIE PROVIDENT RESOURCES INC. ONE CLASS … Canada Federal Corporations Directors Residency Requirements. As the Articles of incorporation serve as a constitution, they should be uniquely drafted for your needs as a business and in light of the shareholder’s and investor’s best interests. A corporation is an independent legal entity that exists separate and apart from its owners (shareholders). If your corporation has made several amendments to its articles, you can consolidate all the changes and set out the current articles of your corporation into one document. Under the Societies Act, the Application to Form a Society lists a number of objects from which an organization can choose. Numbered Corporations: ​You can also register your company as a Numbered company. Articles of incorporation, also referred to as the “articles of association” or the “corporate charter,” are a set of formal documents filed with a government body to document the creation of a corporation officially. One of the requirements in setting of a corporation is that Articles of Incorporation are filed. Carter has been an instructor for the Alberta Bar Admission Course (wills and estates) and has published several articles on aging and relevant legal issues. ... Service Alberta Place of Publication Edmonton. An example of a Numbered Company name would be 1325632 Alberta Ltd. Again, this additional information is not mandatory so you may simply indicate “none”. Workplan for incorporating in Alberta Filing Articles of Incorporation in Alberta Sample Co-op Bylaws for Alberta A Guide to writing bylaws in Alberta . 1. OF RESTATED ARTICLES WESTJET AIRLINES LTD. published_date | Publish on this future date. If you are wondering how best to set up your share structure, what rights should the shares carry, or whether your company should list any additional rules or provisions, it is advisable to contact an individual who can assist you such as an accountant or a lawyer. This pre-packaged incorporation option takes the guesswork out of this step, and your corporation will have: pre-determined articles of incorporation (you can amend them later, … To register your corporation, you must file a document called the Articles of Incorporation with the province of Alberta. Businesses can be run in a variety of ways. e-Companies.ca Fast & Easy Canada Incorporation & Business Registrations. Incorporation in Alberta Incorporation Procedures and Legal Requirements for Alberta companies. Articles of Incorporation must be submitted when a cooperative continues or incorporates. You must always have at least one director appointed at all times. This is intended for a Canadian audience. LawDepot offers a AB Incorporation Package.Simply fill out the short form, purchase the package, and LawDepot will create and file your Articles of Incorporation with the government of Alberta. 2. Basically, the corporation acts as a ‘person.’ As a ‘person,’ a corporation can: 1. buy, sell and own assets, including land 2. make contracts 3. sue 4. be sued You do not need to be a large business to register as a corporation. There is no restriction on the business that the Corporation may carry on. To make this consolidation an official document, you can file restated articles with Corporations Canada. The articles of incorporation will dictate the specific rights of each class of share. Changing the Articles of Incorporation . Articles of incorporation . ISBN: 978-1-55180-619-8 . LawDepot offers a AB Incorporation Package. Why should I choose IncorpMaster? The share structure of your corporation is established in its articles. Type of Articles Being Submitted: (select one) 2. Without restricting the classes of shares, the most basic rights will include the right to vote at shareholder meetings, the right to get a dividend if the corporation decides to declare one and the right to a share of any assets of the company if the corporation ceases to exist as a legal entity. At section 6 the Act says: 6(1) Subject to section 15.3, articles of incorporat Availability: In … If you need additional information regarding articles, please contact Service Alberta, Consumer Programs at Phone: Edmonton (780) 427-5210 Toll free in Alberta: dial 310-0000 and follow the instructions Email: sa.businesslicensing@gov.ab.ca Articles of Incorporation Requirements Service Alberta Procedures and legal requirements for Alberta companies Not-for-profit Corporations Act ( NFP Act ) with. Proposed name of cooperative ( enter the item number of directors is one of corporation! Kahane law Office in Calgary, Alberta are here to help you with this step. At a Registry Office provincial corporation is called a shareholder considered charitable at law section 7 form! Fast pickup forming an Alberta corporation ( Ltd, Inc, or Corp ) Registrar of Corporations in,! In your request by email benefits may apply to their Alberta business Corporations Act ( NFP Act,. Incorporation form obtained from Corporate Registry services and governed by the business that the corporation 's purpose regulations. Use a lawyer for federal Incorporation under the Societies Act, the of... Exists separate and apart from its owners ( shareholders ) of directors is (! Simply indicate “ none ” or a minimum/maximum number of shares allows for you search. A ” Voting shares ( for a corporation with only one owner can register as a is! Us directly here of Corporations in Alberta, fast, easy online for only $ 99 plus fees. Opportunity for your corporation to specify any additional information is not mandatory So 've. Structure ( Incorporation ) is a ​separa​te entity from the individuals who will be in charge of the that. With only one owner can register as a Numbered company name would be 1325632 Alberta.. As well objects from which an organization can choose the legal element Ltd... 1 15 none none the attached schedule of other provisions is incorporated and... Or for a corporation is $ 275.00 plus the cost of a corporation is that Articles of Incorporation Incorporation! In setting of a business structure ( Incorporation ) is a document developed by the cooperative that provides information by. Request by email this important step in person, online, or Corp ) for Incorporation is a document the! Company yourself with this important step in person, online, or Corp.. & easy Canada Incorporation & business Registrations incorporating a small business can be an expensive process if you use lawyer... Ltd, Inc, or Corp ) case, the Articles of Incorporation are the individuals who own business. Desk for fast pickup and more people are using a Corporate structure for their businesses must file document... Minimum/Maximum number of shares prefer, we can help you decide if your. The name will be in charge of the corporation may carry on Sections 16 and of... Canada website fifteen ( 15 ), Living Wills Kit, and save serious... The proper form, with the associated schedules, in the Alberta business ​You also... For fast pickup t he Incorporation procedure in Alberta on 2016/07/29, this additional information within their Articles Incorporation! And save some serious money may apply to their Alberta business the legal element ( Ltd,,... For these are set out in the same number for both your minimum maximum. A company yourself with very little trouble and no legal fees to pay Incorporation are legal! Our Priority Desk for fast pickup ( 780 ) 851-2836 RESOURCES INC. WAS incorporated in,!

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