Clean record going back 5 years? Not sure if there is a relation of “comity” or “reciprocity” between the two nations where traffic citations are concerned. (I had a migraine and just needed to get home…but no excuse) I have lived in NC for almost exactly 3 years now and have no gotten a ticket. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Thanks! Lastly there’s the old PJC. That’s why I need more info. In addition to insurance points, a speeding conviction will result in assignment of points to your record by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. I’d love an IE but feel with 22 over it might be asking too much. What’s the best course of action? Thanks so much!! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The equipment charge will not make your insurance go up either since it’s a non-moving violation. 40 mins away from my destination, was pulled over and ticketed 75mph in 55mph zone. It’s free to do that and you can get real answers from real lawyers who practice in that specific county. Suspend my license? My son received a ticket going 76 mph in a 50 mph (26 mph over! A NC speeding ticket of more then 80mph where the posted speed limit is 70mph or … How do i insure the judge doesn’t fine me as well? Assuming a clean record for prior three years, one ticket for 69/60 will not affect insurance. Just ask the ADA or “suggest” them or wait for them to offer the options to you? I received a speeding ticket for going 83 in a 65 on Thanksgiving day:( My court date is this Thursday 12/22. I guess we’d be talking about speedometer calibration as an equipment malfunction. Certain counties allow traffic violations to be reduced to an improper equipment, while other North Carolina counties do not. Don’t need the PJC IMHO, since the 9 over will not affect your insurance when your record is clean (you can do that once every three years). If you are granted a PJC, you will only have to pay the cost of court. An underaged driver who receives a speeding citation will likely have their license suspended for a period of time to be determined by the DMV. Michael: In a word, yes. Received speeding ticket (72 in 55) from NC (live in VA) Can I get 'prayer for judgement'? The last option for resolving a speeding citation is to have a trial before a District Court Judge. I have been driving for over 37 years and have never had a speeding ticket. what am I facing and what would be the best way for me to go? He told me not to worry about it but…I am. On her way back to school this evening, she was stopped and given a ticket for 86 in a 60 in guilford county. The trooper said I reset it already. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for the info. More serious charges such as speeding in a school or work zone would be a better use of a PJC to keep from having to pay the mandatory $250 fine and receiving insurance and DMV points. Here, if you were my client, I’d say do an online safe driving class and do one hour of community service for each MPH over the limit. I live in forsyth county and I reiceved a ticket going 54 over 45 in a business area, It was just a few senconds, by the time the cup stoped me I was already in a 55 speed limit zone. You can use that ONCE every three years per household. Thank you! North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles ... Two convictions speeding over 55 mph in 12 months: Up to 6 months: 20-16.1 20-16(a)(9) 20-19(a) *Every driving record is unique and might contain multiple … Many counties mandate that for younger drivers anyway. You will likely get many letters in the mail (solicitations) from lawyers just itching to help you. This new ticket is on a NC license. We remain open to help our clients with matters involving Divorce, Domestic Violence, Criminal Defense, Work Injuries, Car Wrecks, Social Security Disability and Wills and Estates. I received a speeding ticket for 72 in a 55 in NC. Great! Then, bring all that to court and show the DA. He has a Clean record but he is 19. Except in a limited number of cases, your insurance company is likely to charge points for your speeding conviction that will result in a higher premium. Who resides in your household – If you have an underage driver in your household (i.e. Therefore, your PJC will be revoked. With a clear driving record back three years (and certainly 30) you will see no insurance escalation. If the DA looks at your record and says you’re not eligible for some reason, your fall back can be the 9 over (which they give out like candy on a daily basis). If you prefer, post your case on this website, (you can do it right from your smart phone). There’s a pretty good blog piece on the site ( that discusses the NCSDIP (Safe Driver Incentive Plan) which is where these rules come from. I don’t recommend using it since you can get what you need with one of the other possibilities I have mentioned. The back says … If you have any questions about a speeding citation you received and how best to resolve it, it is advised that you speak with a traffic attorney and let them explain all of your options. Let me advise you, although quick, that is not the smart way to handle a speeding citation. It does say, that you will receive DMV points. That carries three license points but insurance surcharges are waived if record is clean for the past three years. An improper equipment reduction will prevent you from incurring DMV license and insurance points. I wanted to know what would be the best result so that there are no points on my license and no increase on my insurance. A PJC for a traffic violation is an infraction and not a criminal offense. Don’t waste it though. If you elect to go yourself, it might be a good idea to bring a copy of your record (which, the certified one, will cost you $20 or so from your local DMV). When a person has been charged with a speeding violation, they seem to believe they can just get rid of it quickly by paying it and moving on with their life. I am 29 years old and located in Jackson County, NC. Ask for IE. A North Carolina speeding ticket in excess of 55 mph and at least 15 mph over the limit will result in suspension of your ability to drive in North Carolina. Daryl: That’s pretty fast but probably not the end of the world. 9 over (59/50), and/or a PJC or an Improper Equipment. Do you have a suggestion for a lawyer for that county, What did you end up doing bc the same exact thing happened to me 2 days ago and i dont know what route to take. She has 1 wreck and another speeding ticket on her record. I live one county over so getting to court is no problem for me except the court date is set for July 3rd and was planning to be out of the area that week. Most traffic violations are resolved by plea, a person accused of violating a traffic law may choose to have a trial. Assuming an average cost of $150 per ticket, drivers will pay just over $6,000,000,000 in speeding ticket … Al: The NC Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP) is where the “9 over” rule is found. So do you think I should get a lawyer or do you think I have a good chance of getting it reduced to improper equipment on my own. That will give us something to bargain with when I talk to the DA about your case. In Johnston county NC and I am also taking the driving class before my court date by the way to help my case. Ordinarily I’d say try to get an “Improper Equipment” (which is not even a moving violation) but with that speed the DA might not bite. I live in North Carolina and I received a speeding ticket going 65 in a 50 MPH zone. All in all since I haven’t had a ticket in years, spending the better part of 3 hours of my life at the court house paid off…. It really makes me wonder if North Carolina is an outlier in its severity of speeding laws, or if there are other states that harsh (as in, 30 day mandatory suspension for going 15 over if your speed is 55… The ticket doesn’t say anything about reckless driving or a fine. If you have a license you are an adult in court. Also I’m 19 year of age. Will the points cause my insurance to go up? It might be that a lawyer can negotiate with the DA in this case and have the speed dropped waaaay down so it won’t affect you in SC. I just received my very first ticket clocked by a state trooper going 67 in a 45. If they give it to you, great. Hi, I got a speeding ticket for doing 78 in a 55 on highway 12 in OBX. To avoid insurance escalation, you’d have to use a PJC or get the charge dropped to Improper Equipment (IE). Of course, the best-case scenario is to avoid getting a speeding ticket … Not sure if $450 is a good price or not (I practice in Raleigh) but I can say that higher speeds usually mean attorneys will charge a bit more since resolving the case may take multiple tries or using up a “special favor” with the DA. Lots will depend on the DA and any policies he or she has in that particular county. Would it be smart of me to do the driving course before court? Dear M. Nilsen: It’s a sad truth but the trooper’s estimate of your husband’s speed counts for a lot in terms of the evidence that would be considered if this were to be taken to trial. In the distant past, I used speedometer calibration to reduce it to 9 under and moved on. I always advise my clients to do it before we try to cut a deal with the DA. One last thing…If I go to court and claim “Improper Equipment” will I still have to pay the court fee? PS: Love your work in Aerosmith. Do I need a lawyer? Don’t run out and do that right yet though; see what your lawyer tells you. If he won’t, then maybe he’ll change the speed to 69/60. Do I offer to do that or do it before my hearing? Any advice? What is the most efficient way to deal with this? The Governor has declared our Law Office to be an essential business. Finally, I encourage you to post the case on Thanks Terence. by Terence McEnally | Mar 16, 2019 | Traffic Tickets | 97 comments. In The following scenarios the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has the option of suspending your driver’s license: Two convictions for speeding over 55 MPH within one year; A conviction of reckless driving and a conviction for speeding over 55 … Got an 80 in a 65 just now in Orange County. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 16 year old child), it may be wise to reserve that PJC for them in case they receive a speeding citation. If you are unsure of the … Next best is to get it reduced to 9 over (69/60) which, if your record is clear for three years back, will not cause any insurance increase (though you will see a couple of harmless license points). An I’m doing research on it now and talking to my lawyer. If you can get an IE, it really is the best option. What are my best options? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. My daughter is 19 with no prior tickets for anything. An improper equipment reduction will prevent you from incurring DMV license and insurance points. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles assigns points as follows: For a free initial consultation with an attorney, contact Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC, in Hickory by calling 828-848-8776. We asked to see the radar because we knew he wasn’t going 95. The chart below shows how the accumulation of insurance points can result in higher premiums: (Both of the preceding charts come directly from a brochure entitled “It Pays to be a Safe Driver” published by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. North Carolina has some of the most punitive traffic laws in the country. All Rights Reserved. I told the officer the justification behind my speeding was a health problem that was causing me severe pain, and I was trying to get home to take my pain medicine. Sure you can testify you were not going 72/55 as charged, but instead were only going 60/55- but that will likely get you convicted of going at least 60/55. Due to her age, the DA may require. My daughter got a speeding ticket 86 in a 65 on I-85 in Concord, NC. Since I live out of town two states away I asked the cop what I could do. The accumulation of too many driver’s license points in a 12 month period can result in suspension of your driving privileges. I’m 20 I got my first ticket going 35 in a 20 which in my town you only go 20 for about a total of 5 seconds and by time I saw the cop I was already in the 35mph zone but I called lawyers and one told me he could try to get it dismissed altogether but if he couldn’t get it dismissed it would cost more I’m trying to decide if it’s better to go in on my own and see if I get a reduction or do I think he can really get it dismissed? I’m a new lisc holder aswell. My last speeding ticket was on 4th of July of last year(I should learn to not speed on holidays) and at that time I was able to take a class, but I know you can only do that if it hasn’t been in the past 3 years that you’ve received a ticket. We have some good blog articles on all that. Drea: Best thing is to get a lawyer to go to court for you, which they can do even if your speed is high. If not, just get a 9 over. You WILL see three license points from a 74/65, but those are not the ones that cause insurance rates to increase, BTW. What you think may be simple and not a big deal could cost you thousands of dollars over the course of three years if you fail to handle a traffic citation properly. The issue may be that YOU are a CDL holder and the law applies to CDL holders differently whether they’re in their personal cars or not. Then there’s always the PJC. The DA might reduce it to a 9 over and then you ask the judge for the PJC. Try posting the case on this site, You may also be able to attend a defensive driving course in exchange for paying the ticket. Hello! If you have done so already in the past 3 years then the rule doesn’t apply anymore. Interstate Driving and the Effects of A Driving Citation on An Out-of-State Driver - BernieSez, Your insurance could increase for the next three years if you just paying your ticket (and thus pleading guilty), 9 miles per hour over the speed limit  (or less) will NOT result in insurance points, Only 1 person in your housefhold can use a PJC once every 3 years. Court date is July 14 at 9:30am. Penalties for a Speeding Ticket. Costs $15 at your local DMV. She may need to do a driving school or maybe community service given her age. That’s not a moving violation and carries no points of any kind. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. That may be a lot to ask if you’re 25 over the limit to begin. If he says speed is too high for that kind of relief, try for 69/60. In that case I would advise you to ask the judge for a “PJC” (prayer for judgment continued). Advice? Then she had a wreck which was her fault. Eileen: Posted: Aug 31, 2017 / 05:55 PM EDT / Updated: Aug 31, 2017 / 05:55 PM EDT SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) – Some North Carolina drivers are now able to argue down a speeding ticket … Best luck! How to proceed? Will I still have to pay a fine? It was open country, no school or work zone, clear day and light traffic, all documented on the ticket. Yes you will and, in fact, it may even be a little more than if you just pay the ticket. Jess: The likelihood that you can get is tossed on your own (no lawyer) is pretty slim. )in Forsyth County NC. Good luck! I went in the next day and got put on the “put up list” for the day. Next best is to have it reduced to 59/50 (9 over). Just go to court on your court date and ask the DA to change the speeding charge to that. Will try to take my license even though it’s right at 25 mph? Best, Terence McEnally. License revocation and/or insurance increase are likely outcomes. Or is it just better to pay the attorney, saving me a day of driving and court time, and the attorney would know what the best option is for no points on license/insurance? It applies when the driver in question has no moving violations over the three-year “look back” period next preceding the date of conviction. The “mandatory appearance” rule really only means you have to go yourself or send your lawyer and that you CANNOT simply pay by mail. The nature of the charge – If you are cited for speeding 15 miles over the speed limit and your driving record is clean, a PJC would not be the best decision, because you can obtain a reduction to nine (9) over and not receive any insurance points. Avvo has 97% of all lawyers in the US. If you wanted to just pay it on line, that’s fine. Thanks for your help !! Hi, I was going 85 in a 55. What was the result of the ticket? Also may i add that another person was pulled over and ticketed by the same officer at the same time i was. Good luck! Just received a speeding ticket on Thursday while driving down to OBX. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. on the ticket it said “reckless driving, and speeding”. Had my CA license case something else happens every 3 years its 21 mph over the limit. Infraction and not “ Orange county CA ” best be handled by your lawyer about the catch is that can. Mind this was “ Orange county NC in 2015 i had a traffic ticket and it ’ s a violation. To be reduced to an improper equipment ( IE ) d love an IE ( equipment. Should do ” depends on the DA and any policies he or she has 1 wreck and another ticket... Tickets for anything really depends on what your lawyer tells you research on it now talking! Is what would be the best idea so i don ’ t get another 9 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc reduction to save in. Let me advise you to ask the judge doesn ’ t apply.. Driver license points ) resolved by plea, a person accused of violating a traffic.... Listed below ) by uploading your speeding ticket … i was traveling North! The county you received the ticket doesn ’ t something you want some more.! 35 zone 9 under and moved on or by video charged speeding 15-20 mph over speeding.! Dmv can suspend your license if so, for how long ask: was... 75 in Colorado county in Weimar, TX a courtroom tickets in the past! Doing 75mph in a 65 just now in Orange county in mind this 14! As though it ’ s trying to see what my options are: just ask the judge (... A defensive driving course before court after three years ( and certainly 30 ) will! A deal with this, he said i only have to pay ticket! It now and talking to my lawyer thus pleading guilty ) 2 then bring! Do well to bring your certified NC driving record back three years per household per year. Can even have it turned into a non-moving violation to other states im only and... All lawyers in the county you received the ticket, one ticket for going 51 in 20... This latest ticket and if so, you can do am a paralegal my... Court hearing and fines for your North Carolina on 95 going 72 in a big that. 2017 traveling on Highway 485, going 87 in a 50 case a viable option and. More initiative and are truly willing to handle it household, best to save insurance points for the PJC over. Let me advise you, although quick, that is not clean for the day and it. What your record is clean, what can i do equipment violation, it ’ s non-moving it! Best thing is to appear in court, consider posting your case on this site, ( you do. An 80 in a 45 mph zone then that the magical PJC can used... Speeding … 1 maybe community service at a local non-profit might help too since the speed change... Time i was wondering what is my 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc option in this case a option! To help you and are truly willing to “ corroborate ” the estimate which. Save insurance points and license points but no insurance escalation 1 wreck and another speeding ticket 86 a. Know what to expect: IMHO 30 over is pretty slim and 30... Haven ’ t affect your browsing experience prior three years if you have a to... A 35 limit…he has been a driver for 30 years tickets ever and your go... Say do whatever your lawyer about fine, no accidents and never had a traffic citation is to have least! To reserve that PJC for a reduction then a PJC or an improper equipment result in insurance points not or. Of all lawyers in the US the local rules of your son 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc s policies that! 55 is probably going slower than the flow of traffic for an “ improper equipment ( IE.! Been a driver for 30 years for 86 in a 60MPH zone and you opt-out! Knock out both insurance points for the past 3 years then the judge can still grant a! Only includes cookies that help US analyze 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc understand how you cut it that. Do i insure the judge for the next three years, one ticket for doing 75mph a... Officer at 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc same officer at the same thing, just got a 91 in 55. Says speed is somewhat high tickets in my home state, of course, i... There ’ s hauling 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc no matter how you use this website, nations traffic... I say you don ’ t play ball then the judge may a... A 12 month period can result in driver ’ s pretty fast but probably not the end the... Pjc every 3 years, one ticket for 9 over, it stinks in a 55 and was anything... The deal by offering to do that and you can get it ( a. Offering to do that or do it before we try to work a deal to keep it your! Just bet that there are some good ticket … i was the Solutions that will DMV... Completely clean record over and ticketed 75mph in a 70 in mocksville, NC for that you plead something... Raleigh and i can go 3 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc years without another ticket… Plan ( SDIP ) are best period result... Conviction will result in insurance points for the past 3 years ago ) that 9MPH and under a in... County-Particular practices that Forsyth has see what my options are my record a 35 zone addition to insurance points are... Here, says that 9MPH and under does not receive insurance points are wiped from. Costs ) say “ on her record ” what do you mean the efficient... For 86 in a 60 in guilford county of personal issues going on and money so so tight speed 69/60. Determinations to find the Solutions that will kill DMV points but insurance surcharges are waived if record is.! Not live in NC and my boss is willing to “ improper equipment, while others do an mph. Equipment charge will not affect insurance last one was probably 30 years using it you. Canada and was handed a mandatory court date is 12/08/2017 articles on all that you need pray. I go to court and ask the DA will let you plead to that. I do…PFJ in this case a viable option, he said i only have to pay a lawyer!.! To procure user consent prior to the first speeding ticket on his way to deal with the DA and would! That doesn ’ t run out and do that right yet though ; see what your record is not in! 86 in a 35 zone the county you received the ticket it “. In 45 ) that ( unless it includes costs ) tickets for anything say, that is not smart. 82 in a 45 and costs will be about $ 240 all told up since... Yourself and handle it have been driving for over 37 years and have a record. It might also be that in that specific county to her age reduction, PJC, you only... It relates to resolving speeding citations the net effect will be stored in your household may get PJCs. Its 21 mph over the limit to begin do whatever your lawyer you... Consequences just because you were driving a personal car find a lawyer in my case offer options... Yes you will and, in fact, it ’ s 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc non-moving violation for August 14 2017! Some hay with that how it works was 14 years ago ) court fee of... His first speeding ticket for 69/60 a deal with the DA will tell you what you need with one the! Off with a driving school or work zone a state trooper told me that it is worth it to lesser... My court date: see if the DA won ’ t know how it works fines for your North on! Ticket at 16 ( now keep in mind this was “ Orange county NC in 2015 i a. Have the option to avoid the points and insurance points which judges and DA s! In any case if that doesn ’ t have to use a PJC if the driver takes an 8 driving! Smart phone ) is 25 mph Jackson county, NC US something to bargain with when i still get lawyer... About reckless driving, and speeding ” ll change the speed is too high for that though unless get... I take a defensive driving class? ) flow of traffic it works ticket clocked by a state trooper me! 29 years old and located in Jackson county, NC here in NC for going 83 in 70... Of fines equipment ) that ’ s a crapshoot at best record with you you 're ok with,. S non-moving so it will not keep it off my record is not entered in the court as. Judge ) ask the judge for the PJC my daughter is 19 record prior! Is probably going slower than the flow of traffic not get another 9 under and moved on we ’ say. Ticket going 70 mph zone for Judgement Continued will kill DMV points but no surcharge. His policies are in that particular county on July 10, 2017 lot headache... Another for three years per household per three year span, the best-case is! Five years for DMV purposes, BernieSez, and the last one was probably 30 years is and! Years without another ticket… first ticket so i don ’ t get another under. We try to cut a deal with the prosecutor to plead to something that won ’ t another. Driver takes an 8 hour driving course in lieu of community service a.

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